Our dream team is composed by highly motivated students from various backgrounds. Every member works over 20 weekly hours to make our common dream closer every day. We’re not only aerospace engineering students: our disciplines vary from computer science, telecommunications, mathematics, coming from various universities (although mainly UPC – Polytechnic University of Catalonia).

Manel Caballero
Chief Technology
Guillem Castro
Chief Avionics
Joan Mitjans
Chief Telecom
Víctor Ubieto
Chief Operating
Xavier López
Chief Propulsion
Celes García
Test Bench Integration
Joan Costa
Test Bench Integration
Néstor Fuertes
Trajectory Prediction
Jordi Galí
Propulsion Engineer
Albert Àvila
Recovery Engineer
Guillem Gràcia
Telecom Engineer
Joan Bessa
Test Bench Integration
Bernat Bonaventura
Visual Arts
Ivette Mañalich
Visual Arts
Xavier Colet
Simulator Architecture
Oriol Vidal
Software Engineer
Omar Diab
Chemical Analysis

(on hiatus)

Carles Bolart
Trajectory Prediction

(on hiatus)

Alberto Pulido
Chief Marketing

(on hiatus)

Former Members

Aitor García
Marco Marano
Pablo Padial
Mardan Sajjad
David Williams
Guillem Rosselló
Javier Pérez
Elena López-Contreras