Welcome onboard: Fablab Terrassa

Cosmic Research is thrilled to announce its brand new partnership with the Terrassa-based company FABLAB Terrassa. The dream of having a digital manufacturing laboratory in Terrassa is already a reality with FabLab Terrassa. We make available to any citizen (students, makers, startups, university students, entrepreneurs, etc.) digital manufacturing tools that allow to experiment and develop projects: 3d printers, laser cutters, CNC milling machines, electronics equipment, etc. We are currently experiencing a real technological revolution that involves a paradigm shift in the way we approach manufacturing. Thanks to new technologies today we can realize projects that years ago would not have come to materialize due to the technical and economic difficulties involved in producing on a small scale. From the FabLab Terrassa we want to bring all this technology to citizens, creating a space open to anyone with ideas and desire to share and learn. FabLab Terrassa wants to be an incubator of entrepreneurs providing the right ecosystem for the gestation and development of ideas, and supporting any project developed in the FabLab. FabLab Terrassa is also a space for dissemination of all this new technology, and for this reason we will organize workshops, talks and training courses aimed at individuals from different fields and ages, and that will address various topics around digital manufacturing, application development OpenSource, the global movement towards the Smart Cities, Industry 4.0 and generation of the entrepreneurial culture.

We are deeply thankful to Fablab Terrassa  for not only trusting but also backing Cosmic Research, becoming our main solution for pub machining and 3D printing.