Good results with first custom motors

Cosmic Research is granted permission to manufacture rocket motors


Last August, Cosmic Research achieved level 1 and 2 certification from SpainRocketry, Tripoli’s prefecture in Spain. This allows Cosmic Research to manufacture its own solid rocket motor. This was considered the first important step to take to reach space, as an efficient, custom manufactured motor is needed to reach the 100km milestone.

To accomplish both certifications, 2 rockets were launched which shared the same airframe and where propelled with G and J motors. In the second rocket, custom electronics where successfully tested and tracked the rocket’s altitude, velocity and acceleration. The electronics was powered by Arduino, but the association is already working on Raspberry Pi which will allow to include two-way real time telemetry, improved precision and an onboard camera.

Cosmic Research will start to study potassium nitrate (KN) based propellants for their own solid rocket motors. Sorbitol, an artificial sweetener, and a special epoxy will be used as fuel. Mixed with the potassium nitrate (which acts as the oxidizer) and at the right proportion, makes propellant. After gaining some experience with KN propellants, the students will switch to ammonium nitrate based propellants, which are by far more efficient, however harder to manufacture.

Cosmic Research would like give special thanks to our friends at SpainRocketry for helping us achieve our certification.